We Noh

the world of Japanese Noh drama! 
With this app, anyone can enjoy the exquisite world of the intangible cultural heritage that is the classical art of Noh. Even if you have only 5 minutes before the performance, you can watch the animated stories of the plays or read the highlights and synopsis so that you can fully enjoy the actual dramas. Each play is provided with cards depicting and explaining the costumes, masks and props used in it. 
You can also learn about Noh through games. Whether you are viewing a live performance or not, this app will give you an insight into the world of Noh.

 Some Features

 Learn about the Noh stage and roles in a fun and easy way!
The ancient Noh drama has deep roots in Japanese history and culture. In "We Noh", the character Okina will explain anything you need to know about the fundamental elements of Noh, so that you can fully appreciate a performance.

Play and learn at the same time!
We know that knowledge is more easily acquired through games. That is why we have provided two different learning games for you to choose from. With "Noh Memory", you can learn about the Noh masks by pairing matching cards. The four levels of difficulty will challenge your cognitive abilities. With "Noh Brainer" you must help the warrior Hitorimusha fight the ogre Tsuchigumo by answering questions from various fields in Noh. Give correct answers to all questions to defeat the monster.

 This app is based on the Kanze school tradition. Direction of plays may differ in other schools, as well as "kogaki" variations.

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