Paw Me

Real-time Multiplayer Game for Cats and Humans.

Paw Me is a fun a truly unique game for cats with constantly updating and developing gameplay. Animated backgrounds, natural sounds and intensive dynamic gameplay specially designed with real cats game participating in development.
Gathered over 15 cat toys that you've never saw such catnip before! It's not just a mouse or a fish, but a whole bunch of game objects to play with, along with animated and changing backgrounds we guarantee that your cat won't leave it until the game for cats is over!

No more sitting alone at home bored or crashing your stuff in the house - now your cat games friend can compete with other cats game in real time instead!
Watch your cat play virtual laser, mouse, cat fishing and bird or other toys or play with him easily from your phone. Some of our friends really got into the game for cats, so we decided to add human versus human mode!
This game for kittens won't leave your cat bored because we have gathered the natural sounds to entertain your friend even more!
Enjoy the constant online cats game with own scores and compete with your friends.
Paw Me is the only real time multiplayer game for cats available today that can make your cat happier than ever!

(Free Version)


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