Growth Journal

How many times have you heard that keeping a journal focused on personal growth might be a good idea? That it will increase your level of happiness, productivity, and focus. And how many times have you abandoned doing so after the first few days of inspiration?
Growth Journal set out to create an app that would make keeping a journal so easy and engaging, that you would anticipate instead of dread filling it.
By default, Growth Journal asks you about three things: What are you grateful today? What did you learn today? What is your focus for tomorrow? These are based on ideas and research from multiple sources and are designed to help you make the most of journalling. We've also added alternative questions templates from the greatest minds (such as Robin Sharma, Tony Robbins, and Peter Voogd) to make sure you find the questions that have the biggest impact.
To reward you for keeping up with daily journaling, we've added a scoring system and small unlockable "treasures". Tapping into human psychology, these will help with fortifying that new habit.
And if you're serious about becoming a better human being, the premium feature of viewing and visualising your goals on a daily basis will pay for itself by reprogramming your subconscious mind. Make it your ally and things become a lot easier.



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