Eventually - Let's make it happen

Stop worrying about all the things you want to do, eventually they will happen. But how? 
Eventually is your back-pocket buddy that keeps track of the places and things you want to experience,

 the movies and shows you want to see, the books you want to read. Bucket lists are a thing of the past - they’re passive and why put all your good intentions in a bucket? We say kick the bucket list. 

With one touch, add places, movies, games and books to your activity queue. From now on you'll see what is relevant to you. Check your app and instantly see the places around you, the movies and books you added. 
You want to be notified when you are around a place you want to check out? You are one click away. 
You think you found the perfect movie for a date night? Use the in-app inbox to share with someone special or your partner in crime. That’s right, you don’t have to share it on Facebook. Your desires stay private and you choose what you want to share and with whom.



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