Dungeon Amazon Run

In this adventure you are a member of a legendary race of female warriors. As a young amazon princess, you are running through a medieval style temple and try to escape alive. As a dungeon hunter you have to jump, dash, dodge or destroy all obstacles on your way. Try to collect as many power ups as you can to survive as long as you can. The golden gems will also help you to increase your score. For those who find that the normal level is too easy, a special nightmare edition of the temple is available. In this mode you will need a superhuman reflex.

Challenge yourself in this fast-paced new free temple runner game. This game asks of you reaction and fast fingers. How long can you survive?
Tips how to Play!
Swipe right to move to right.
Swipe left to move to left.
Swipe down to dash and slide.
Swipe up to jump.
Swipe up while you're in the air to do an air jump.
Tap to shoot a projectile to destroy a barrel.

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