Dump , Jump , Punch - Trump!

Are you dreaming about being a Billionaire? Climb to the stars and become the Dump President? 
This is your very chance to be the trump frontrunner, to jump and run from block to block, from the Donald Real Estate Empire to the Trump Towers, to become the Billionaire President! The game is very easy to play, but it's hard to keep your punch power for the long run! Step by step, jump by jump, trump by trump, use your trumo emoji to go as far as you can in this Crazy Endless Derrota Trumph Jump donaldtrump Challenge: keep your focus on the changing blocks and increase to the limit your dump coordination skills! 

Run and Jump like a young donald trump; use all of your Jr. power to overcome every obstacle, jumping and bouncing in New York city, like only the original donald teump could do!
This amazing race will involve a lot of competitors, and everyone has the same goal: being the Donald Dump Number One! Do you think you have what it takes to go to the top and punch? Are you brave and skilled enough? This is your chance to show everybody your donald potential: this is the Dump American dream, my friend! You can call it donald trup, or maybe donald teump, or trumo if you prefer. I call it: I want to be the number one!
Are you ready for the most hilarious elections run of history? Play now with Donald Trump in this crazy jumping run versus you opponents!

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