will help you to be mindful of how you feel about various aspects of your life, to analyze them and to understand your happiness. See your life in front of you in a fun and simple way! 

The main focus of the app is to help you be aware of your day-to-day feelings, show you your best and worst moments, calculate your happiness levels through a sophisticated algorithm, and give you tools to understand your happiness and improve upon them. 

You will track aspects of your life that science has shown have an impact on your happiness: your work, your sleep quality, your mood, your nutrition, and whether you've been kind to others. You will see your overall happiness score and how it has increased or decreased during the last weeks or months, your best and worst runs, how satisfied you are with your work life, the last time you did something kind, the last time you slept well, and much more. The more you track, the more you will learn about yourself.

You will also get great quotes and inspiration to improve all these aspects of your life.

Start analyzing your life!



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