Panda Assistant

Panda Assistant is a smart assistive touch tool that helps you to use Android phones quickly and easily. 
Let Panda Assistant helps with accessing your apps quickly and see all of your notifications on any screen. Use the uninstaller to clear apps or backup your favorite ones. Ask for help from the voice assistant to find anything you want. Switch apps seamlessly with the app switcher and use the speed booster to clear unused apps for some free memory and a faster phone. 
Panda Assistant tries to maximize and improve your Android capability.

Quick tips

Home Screen Panda
A cute panda will be always waiting for you at the home screen. Just one tap to fast access powerful functionalities. At the same time, you can move the assistive touch icon wherever you want and change its size.

App Launcher - Access all the utility apps and settings in one place
Quickly turn on/off system settings like Wifi/Bluetooth/Airplane mode and easily access tools like Flashlight / Camera / Gallery / Alarm Clock / File Manager / System Settings.

Speed Booster - Speed up your phone
Free up memory, clear unused apps and get a speed booster for your phone with just a tap.



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