FitQuick - 9 Minute Workout

What’s is the FitQuick 9 Minute Workout Challenge? Your 9 Minute Challenge, should you chose to accept it, is to break a sweat once a day using the FitQuick app.
A kick-butt fitness app with over 30 minutes of workout 
routines designed to get you strong as hell, looking great, and feeling confident in only 9-minutes a day.

Researchers have selected 9 exercises that you perform for 45 seconds,
with a 15 second break. This easy high-intensity interval training
technique results in a high metabolism and gives you the equivalent of
a full hour workout- in only 9 minutes.

Too Busy to Commit to an Exercise Plan?
FitQuick is exercise made simple. You can get the body you want-
without maxing out your bank account and spending hours at the gym.

“So addicting- it’s like the Candy Crush for fitness”
The best part is, you won’t want to skip it. When you’re 
done, you’ll feel toned, strong, and energized. If you're feeling sore the next
day, that just means it’s working.

So what are you going to do for the next 9 minutes?
Get an invigorating daily workout that packs a punch and can be done
conveniently anywhere - no equipment required.



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