Squashy Bob Falldown

Help Bob fall down through the gaps in the platforms to stay alive, don't get squashed at the top of the screen and don't get too close to those baddies or else it's game over! Crates will block your path, but fear not. You can exit from one side of the screen and appear on the other - so there's always a way out. The platforms will scroll by faster as the game progresses and things will get more more hectic, so be alert, you must continue to fall to survive! During the game, grab as many coins as you can.

These coins can be used to unlock items in any of the three in-game stores.
Power-Up store - Once unlocked, power-ups will appear randomly throughout the game and give Bob temporary special abilities - such as slowing down the platform's scrolling speed, a magnet for quickly attracting coins from afar and the ability to smash enemies
Coins and Candy store, unlock double and triple coins, affect the frequency of the coins and candy. You can also unlock more valuable candy to boost your score. 
Character store - Change the look of your 'Bob'!

Submit your score to the leaderboard and work your way through the various achievements
 Easy to understand gameplay ★ 
Download now and enjoy! 
This game is only available in Google Play Store 



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