Microsoft announcement that they do not SUPPORT other Windows systems (old)
They support only Windows 8.1 and 10!
But I recommend you to upgrade to Windows 10,
why? Becouse its for free and the new system is better and faster and simple to use!
But the 1st reason is for safety and to protect your private things!

How to upgrade? Well its very easy just click on word "Win10" then it will take you to Microsoft website and there you can upgrade/update youre curent system to Windows10

Note : its for free if you have Win7-8-8.1 else you need to pay for it!
Windows 10 expires in 2025 and Windows 8.1 in 2023 that what Microsoft said! Also they do not support them, but the question is why did they put so long time? Will the Windows 11 take alot of time to be released?


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