Dragon Ninja Rush

Dragon Ninja Rush is a new action game with responsive and intuitive motion control. It tests your reflexes current time and movement. Get the best time results in the global table and challenge other players all over the world. It's a ninja movement! Experience what it is to be a genuine, ancient ninja. Endless challenging tracks that will have you playing for hours. The thrilling action saga will keep you playing till the end!

Compete with the ninja to get the most realistic control to cope with the challenges of the unique environment brings. Collect gold coins and precious stones by sprint, run, slide, jump and compete with others in fun, fast task.

Do you think it's easy to be a ninja master? Spring, slide and jump through challenging courses and hurry up to reach the top of the league. Keep an eye out for the flying enemies and maple traps, such as reed bamboo walls and holes. Beware the angry red bulls, because they will try to block your progress! Outsmart numerous maple traps, defeat enemies, and avoid the deadly enemies - there are rules of the game in this fun game. Collect shields, flying rockets, power drinks, large bottles, magic wands, sources, regnbågsbroar, flying stars and powerful magnets. You must be strong, fast and cunning. Collect gold and gems to upgrade your ninja skills. You can also collect animals and pets to strengthen your skills. Become the ultimate skuggninjan!

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Is it accurate to say that you are dependent on match 3 games? Can't get enough of impacting candy and confections on your telephone? My4faces is the most recent, sweet and coolest match 3 puzzle game for your smartphone. Swap three or more faces to win and progress to the following level. Investigate this charming emotions game and win stupendous prizes!
This MY4FACES crush game will give you a really long time of fun. Be a definitive saint and thrashing insidious evil that sneak inside the excellent domain to win! You will get to be dependent on this candy match 3 connect game in a brief span and you don't know how to quit playing. Furthermore energizing is that My4faces is totally allowed to introduce and play!
Explore 50 levels in the amazing emotions connect game and you will never feel bored while playing it this game.
Invite your friends to play this candy blast amusement game and enjoy playing with them for the most noteworthy score.
This game is for intelligent people who want to challenge their brain playing a fun game.
Share your achievement to your friends and brag about your progress and scores!

Bus Simulator Racing

Come along for the ride as a bus driver in a double-decker! A fun, motion-based racing game. Run the bus in a realistic way to meet the challenges of this unique environment full of bridges. The bridge connects the bus station with the school on a coastal island. The bridge is located above sea level and is less secure. You must bring your passengers to school in a safe and timely manner.

Control ... go ... easy? Do you think racing is easy? Hurry to the league's top in this fast bus. Gas and controls for changing the direction of the dangerous bridge. The bus on gas to get students to school. Beware of the water! Do not run to the narrow bridge - it is the rule applied in this fun game. Collect stars and get as good a time as possible in the global league and challenge players from all over the world. Test your reflexes against time and movement. This is an addictive game that captures your attention from beginning to end!

Are you ready for a furious racing game?
 How to play:
- Tilt the device or turn the steering wheel to steer the bus;
- Collect as many stars as possible; and

- Time has significance